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Mobility vans

are available in standard and extended length chassis with floor plans that accommodate up to 3 wheelchairs plus 1 stretcher passenger and up to 10 ambulatory Passengers. Also choose from an 18″, 24″ or 32″ raised roof with side or rear door wheelchair lifts.

We offer New and Pre-Owned Buses, Full-Size Vans and Accessible Mini-vans. We also provide warranties with most vehicles and can assist you with leasing and financing. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will do what we can to find it within days or order to your specifications.

Make your assisted living and other clients feel special by transporting them in style and luxury. Give busy corporate executives a fully functioning rolling board-room where they can meet and work relaxed while traveling down the interstate in one of our transportation vans.


new & usedWe also provide Glaval Bus, a full line of transit and shuttle buses and tour coaches from 21′ to 38′ in length with virtually unlimited floor plan choices. A wide array of Glaval Bus options including: *Paratransit equipment *Electronic entertainment packages *Seating and fabric choices *A multitude of choices for luggage storage *Plus, lots, lots more to let you design the right bus for your specific application.